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  • Academic Peer Instruction (API)

    Academic Peer Instruction (API) is a non-remedial peer tutoring program that is modeled similar to a nationally recognized program, called Supplemental Instruction (SI).  At LaGuardia, we have helped students achieve success in their courses since the spring of 1993.  It provides help to students by providing regularly scheduled out-of-class peer facilitated sessions. 

    In API, once a "high risk" course has been selected, an API student leader is hired.  This is a LaGuardia student who has completed the course, earned a grade of B+ or higher, received a recommendation from a faculty member, and trained in tutoring policies and techniques. The student then re-attends the course, takes notes and organizes a minimum of three out-of-class API group study sessions per week (5 sessions a week in the short session).  During these study sessions, the tutor reviews the material covered in class using collaborative or group learning principles while promoting active problem solving.  

    Our statistics mirror and often exceed national ones.  Students at LaGuardia who attend API study sessions score on the average one letter grade higher than those who do not.  

    If you are struggling in a particular class, let one of our professional tutors help you overcome barriers to achieve your academic goals.

    Tutoring Schedule

    The API tutoring schedule is located on the bulletin board outside Room E115.


    API Phone - (718) 482 - 5215 

    API Room - E115Q 

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