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    LaGuardia Community College offers many resources to meet students’ academic needs. Whether you are seeking academic help from a professor or fellow student, you have options to choose from:

    • If you need help in a course, speak to your professor. Professors keep weekly office hours to answer student questions and can direct you to course specific tutoring services or study groups.
    • Form a study group with classmates. You'll make new friends and get a new perspective on course material.
    • Many academic departments have Tutoring Labs where you can receive one-on-one or group help:
    Accounting Resource Lab E-273
    ESL Lab E-201
    Math Tutoring Lab E-215
    Reading/Communication Skills Lab E-114
    Speech Center C-249, C-220, C-222
    Writing Center B-200 

    • The Writing Center will help you improve your writing for any class, except ESL and Reading department courses, which have their own tutoring labs. Writing Center tutors can help you get started on a research paper, teach you how to proofread, or help you correct a graded essay. No advance appointments are necessary.
    • The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program’s Science Study Center provides free tutoring in Biological Chemistry and Chemistry.
    • The Academic Peer Instruction Program provides you with trained peer tutors who have successfully completed the course you seek help in. API tutors re-attend the class and organize weekly group study sessions.
    • The Mentor Program matches new students with successful current students, who are trained to provide personal support and guidance, identifying beneficial services at the College.


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