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    The Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) can help you earn your Associate in Arts or Associate in Applied Science degree in no more than three years. ASAP helps you dare to do more by providing eligible students with the academic, social, and financial support they need to graduate.

    LaGuardia Community College’s ASAP began Fall 2007 and is sponsored by the Office of the Mayor's Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO). The benefits of ASAP include consolidated block schedules, small class sizes, required full-time study and comprehensive advisement and career development services. Financial incentives include tuition waivers for financial aid eligible students and free use of textbooks and monthly Metrocards. Additional resources include:

    • Academic Advisors meet in one-to-one appointments with you to provide academic, programmatic and personal advisement, as well as referrals to resources on campus.
    • The ASAP Career Employment Specialist assists you by providing career counseling, job placement, career related field trips and workshops such as resume development and interview preparation.
    • Co-Curricular and Social Enrichment Activities sponsored by ASAP, including tutoring and academic enrichment workshops in Math and English Prep, Time Management, and Reading & Writing Skills, are held throughout the year and promote academic developmental success.

    Student acceptance is for a period of no more than three continuous years. The goal of the program is to graduate with an Associate’s degree within this period. All ASAP students enroll in a full-time (12 credits minimum) day or evening block learning community offered for Liberal Arts or Business Administration majors.

    Students in this program have an AS stop placed on their programs and need to meet with their academic counselor for advisement.

    For more information please visit the ASAP office located in B-235
    or the ASAP website at

  •  ASAP Staff


    Leslie Camacho (718) 482-6044


    Hicania Gomez (718) 482-6047

    Steve Dauz (718) 482-6042

    Leslie Perez (718) 482-6040

    Tyleah Castillo (718) 482-6056

    CES Employment Specialist

    Lavie Margolin (718) 482-6059

     Do You Qualify?

    In accordance with CUNY ASAP policies, you are eligible for admission to the program if you meet the following
    criteria. You:

    1. Must agree to enter into an Associate's degree program (A.A., A.S., or A.A.S)
    2. Must start ASAP as either a Liberal Arts or Business Administration major.
    3. Students must apply for and receive some need-based financial aid (Pell or Tap); to receive a tuition waiver, students must have a gap need between financial aid and tuition and fees 
    4. Have attained a New York State high school equivalency diploma (GED) or its equivalent.
    5. Resided in New York City for at least one year prior to the first day of classes.
    6. Earned no more than 15 credits prior to starting the first day of classes as an ASAP student.
    7. Must be in good academic standing (GPA 2.0 and above for continuing and transfer students).
    8. Must be available to take full-time course load until graduation.
    9. Must meet all of the ASAP requirements including but not limited to bi-monthly academic advising and mandatory meetings once a semester.
    10. Must have at least one and no more than two outstanding developmental course needs based on CUNY Skills Assessment Test scores in reading, writing, and or math prior to starting the first day of classes as an ASAP student.
    11. May not participate in both College Discovery and ASAP.


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