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  • Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Requirements 

    To obtain a degree or certificate from LaGuardia Community College, students must apply for Intent to Graduate. Students in their final 12-week session must register for Intent to Graduate in order to have their records reviewed. If all requirements are not met by the end of the final session of attendance, the student must reapply for graduation in order to be considered for the a subsequent semester.


    Students can register for Intent to Graduate via CUNYfirst (GRDOOO, section # 11695), or in person at the Enrollment Services Center, Room C107. Please print and complete the attached form  and bring it with you to Room C107.  For more information, email CallCenter@lagcc.cuny.edu or call 718-482-5242.


    Note: The deadline to register for Intent to Graduate for Spring 2014 is April 29, 2014   

    If applying before March 7, 2014, please register via CUNYfirst

    If applying after March 7, 2014, please register in person in Room C107

    For more info visit our Commencement site.

    Grade Point Average 

    • A 2.00 GPA (C average) is required for graduation, as well as passing the required basic skills tests.
    • A graduate whose cumulative GPA is between 3.50 and 3.89 will be graduated with honors. The term "with honors" will be inscribed on the student’s diploma and noted on the commencement program.
    • A graduate whose cumulative GPA is 3.90 or better will be graduated with high honors. The term "with high honors" will be inscribed on the students’ diploma and noted on the commencement program.

    Residency Requirement  

    Students must successfully complete a minimum of 30 credits at the College before being awarded a degree. 

    Note: Up to 10 exemption credits, as well as courses taken on permit, may be used to fulfill this requirement.

    Upon graduation a student’s record is frozen. No changes can be made to the record.

    Pursuit of Additional Study After Graduation  

    If the Registrar’s Office determines that you have met the requirements for graduation, you may not continue taking courses at LaGuardia Community College unless you have filed a second degree/credential or a non-degree application.

    Second credential students 

    Students who have earned a certificate and then wish to pursue a degree, and students who graduate with a degree and wish to pursue a certificate, must apply for a “Second Degree.” Information on how to apply to LaGuardia can be found in the Admissions Office in Room C102. Courses completed for the first credential may be used to meet the requirements of the second credential. Students must re-register for “Intent to Graduate” in the semester in which they anticipate completing the second credential.


    Second degree students 

    Students who have graduated from LaGuardia Community College and who are interested in pursuing a second degree at LaGuardia should contact the Admissions Office in Room C102. Second degree students must complete LaGuardia’s residency requirements of 30 credits toward the new degree and may transfer up to 30 credits toward a degree. All second degree students will be held accountable for the Cooperative Education requirements.


    For more information, visit the Enrollment Services Center in Room C107 or call 718-482-5242 or email callcenter@lagcc.cuny.edu 


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