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    Below is a list in alphabetical order of all majors and options at the College and their three digit major code.  If the major or option is no longer available for students it will indicate "INACTIVE" next to the major.


    Accounting (AAS) INACTIVE  021
    Accounting (AS) 023
    Accounting: Joint Accounting-Computer Option (AAS) INACTIVE  022
    Administrative Assistant (AAS) INACTIVE  361
    Biology (AS)   441
    Business Administration (AS) 081
    Business Administration: Aviation Management Option (AS) 082
    Business Management (AAS) 731
    Business MGMT: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Option (AAS) 734
    Business Management: Business Finance Option (AAS) INACTIVE  732
    Business Management: International Business Option (AAS) 733
    Commercial Foodservice Management (AAS) 261
    Commercial Photography (AAS) 171
    Commercial Photo.: Digital Photography Option (AAS) INACTIVE  173
    Commercial Photography: Fine Arts Photography Option (AAS) 174
    Commercial Photography Certificate 091
    Communication Studies (AA) 386
    Computer Operations (AAS) 811
    Computer Operations: Network Admin. & Security Option (AAS) 812
    Computer Science (AS) 251
    Computer Technology (AAS) 961
    Computer Tech.: Telecommunications Option (AAS) INACTIVE  962
    Criminal Justice (AS) 801
    Dietetic Technician (AS) 071
    Digital Media Arts Certificate 281
    Education: Bilingual Child (AA) 751
    Education: Childhood Education (AA) 112
    Education: Secondary Education (AA) 111
    Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (AAS) 851
    Engineering Science: Civil Engineering (AS) 241
    Engineering Science: Electrical Engineering (AS) 242
    Engineering Science: Mechanical Engineering (AS) 243
    Environmental Science (AS)   531
    Fine Arts (AS) 511
    Fine Arts: Design Studies Option (AS) 512
    Human Services: Child Development (AA) INACTIVE  141
    Human Services: Gerontology (AA) 142
    Human Services: Mental Health (AA)  143
    Industrial Design (AAS)   385
    Liberal Arts: Social Science & Humanities (AA) 371
    Liberal Arts: Deaf Studies Option (AA) 373
    Liberal Arts: History Option (AA)  383
    Liberal Arts: International Studies Option (AA)   372
    Liberal Arts: Labor & Community Organizing Option (AA) 375
    Liberal Arts: Latin American Studies Option (AA) 377
    Liberal Arts: Media Studies Option (AA) 374
    Liberal Arts: Philosophy Option (AA) INACTIVE  378
    Liberal Arts: Psychology Option (AA) 381
    Liberal Arts: Theater & Communications Option (AA) INACTIVE  376
    Liberal Arts: Math & Science (AS) 391
    Microcomputer Systems & Applications (AAS) INACTIVE  451
    Mortuary Science (AAS) INACTIVE  041
    Music Recording Technology (AAS) 521
    New Media Technology (AAS) 271
    Nursing (AAS) 471
    Occupational Therapy Assistant (AAS) 542
    Paralegal Studies (AAS) 571
    Philosophy (AA) 388
    Physical Therapy Assistant (AAS) 351
    Practical Nursing Certificate (LPN) 431
    Programming & Systems (AAS) 201
    Radiologic Technology (AAS) 481
    School Foodservice Management (AS) 991
    Spanish Translation (AA) 382
    Theatre (AS) 291
    Travel & Tourism (AAS) INACTIVE  741
    Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management (AAS) 742
    Undeclared Health Major: Nursing 470
    Veterinary Technology (AAS) 401
    Word Processing Specialist Certificate 101
    Writing & Literature (AA) 379

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