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    Requirements for admission to LaGuardia Community College vary depending on your status. Find the type of student you are in the descriptions below then follow the link to your specific requirements.

    In CUNY, you are considered a:

    Freshman Applicant if you have never attended a higher learning institution inside or outside of the U.S. since graduating from high school. Applicants who earned college credit in high school are still Freshman Applicants.

    Transfer Student if you have attended a higher learning institution since graduating from high school. This applies even if you’re still in your first year, will not transfer credits, and if the institution was outside of the United States. Students who have already earned a degree and/or are starting a new major are still Transfer Students.

    International Student only if you hold a temporary student visa while enrolled at the College. If you are undocumented, a resident alien, permanent resident, refugee, or citizen, you are a Freshman Applicant or Transfer Student.

    Adult Learner if you are interested in our non-credit and non-academic courses.

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