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  •  ACT Placement Tests

    After you receive your letter of admission, the Testing Office will set up a time for you to take the ACT placement tests unless you are exempt (see below).

    If any of your scores are below the minimum level set by LaGuardia and The City University of New York, you'll need to take non-credit basic skills classes in that area. These classes will give you a strong academic foundation for credit college level courses. LaGuardia offers specialized learning communities and several basic skills academies, which allow you to get started in your major while you complete your basic skills requirements. Each academy has one or more basic skills courses, a freshman seminar and an introductory course in your major. After you complete the basic skills course, you'll retake the ACT test in that area.

    If you're admitted to the college early enough, you may be eligible for a free refresher course prior to the start of the semester.

    How to Prepare

    *Descriptions and sample questions for the writing and reading tests are available at Strategies for the ACT Writing Exam, Test-Taking Strategies, and The ACT Scoring Scale.

    * You can pick up a sample math test (with answers) from the math tutoring lab located at in E-215.

    * The LaGuardia Writing Center provides more than 20 practice and critique workshops a week. These are open to current LaGuardia students.


    Before you register for classes, you'll need to submit proof that you've been immunized for measles, mumps and rubella, unless you were born before January 1, 1957. This is an important New York State law, so if you haven't submitted proof with your Admission application, please do so prior to registration. Free immunization clinics through the LaGuardia Health Services are offered periodically throughout the year.

    Students must satisfy this requirement before they can register for classes.

     Refresher Courses

    If you take your placement tests at least 2 months before the start of the semester, but just miss a passing score on one of them, you'll be eligible to take a free intensive refresher course in that subject. After successfully completing the course, you'll get to take that placement test again before registering for classes.

     Register for Classes

    When you come to LaGuardia to choose and confirm your class schedule, you'll first pick up your Personal Education Plan (PEP), which suggests some courses for you, based on your intended major and your placement test results. Please bring a photo ID.

    You'll be asked to sign a meningitis response form, required by NY State Law, stating that you've either been vaccinated for meningococcal disease or you've received information about the disease (which well provide you with) and have elected not to be immunized.

    You'll receive your free copy of this years Common Reading, a novel that will be the theme for many first year student events throughout the upcoming year, including Opening Sessions.

    You'll then meet with a course planner who will go over your PEP with you, discuss other course options, and help you pick the appropriate classes that fit into your schedule. Certain students also have specific schedule requirements they must satisfy (examples: minimum number of credits, types of courses) in order to maintain their eligibility for state/federal financial aid or F1 student visa status.

    Then you'll be ready to register in one of our computer labs where a staff member will be able to help you if you encounter any problems along the way. After your schedule is confirmed, you'll go to the Bursar to pay your bill or arrange for interest-free payments in monthly installments.

     Who is Exempt?
    1. Bachelors Degree If you hold a Bachelors degree from an accredited U.S. institution, you're exempt from all 3 placement tests.

    2. SAT/High School ACT exemptions - If you've scored a 480 or above on the verbal section of the SAT or a 20 or above on the verbal section of the High School ACT, you're exempt from taking the LaGuardia ACT reading and ACT writing placement tests.

    If you've scored a 480 or above on the mathematics section of the SAT or a 20 or above on the math section of the High School ACT, you're exempt from the LaGuardia ACT math placement test, unless a specific course you want to take requires it.

    3. NY State Regents exemptions If you've scored a 75 or above on the English Regents Exam, you're exempt from the ACT Reading and Writing placement tests. If you've scored a 75 or above in Sequential Math 2 or 3 or Math A, you're exempt from the ACT Math placement test.

    A) New Math Regents Proficiency Criteria effective for fall 2011 and spring 2012 only: Applicants for freshmen admission for fall 2011 and spring 2012 only may demonstrate proficiency in mathematics for all CUNY colleges by scoring a 75 or higher on the New York State Regents examinations in Integrated Algebra, or Geometry, or Algebra 2 & Trigonometry, and successfully completing each course in the three-course Regents sequence: Integrated Algebra; Geometry; and Algebra 2 & Trigonometry.

    B) New Math Regents Proficiency criteria effective for fall 2012 and thereafter: Applicants for freshmen and transfer admission for fall 2012 and thereafter may demonstrate proficiency in mathematics for all CUNY colleges by scoring 80 or higher on any one of the new Regents examinations (Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 & Trigonometry) and successfully completing Algebra 2 & Trigonometry or a higher-level course.

    4. Transfer from another City University of New York college Bring your scores from your former college; they will be used to determine your placement.

    5. Transfer students maybe exempted based on course work.
    Transfer applicants may satisfy the University's skill requirements in reading and writing by earning a grade of C or better in freshman composition, its equivalent, or a higher-level English course. These applicants will not be required to take the CUNY Assessment tests in Reading and Writing.

    Transfer applicants may satisfy the University's skill requirements for mathematics by earning a grade of C or better in a credit-bearing mathematics course worth three or more credits. These applicants will not be required to take the CUNY Assessment test in Mathematics.

     Opening Sessions

    Opening Sessions is your official welcome as a new student and is scheduled prior to the first day of classes. The day's presentations and workshops will introduce you to academic life at LaGuardia and make you start feeling at home. You'll meet many of your fellow students, faculty and staff at the event, which includes refreshments and a lively discussion of the year's "Common Reading."

     Commitment Deposit

    CUNY requires new students to pay a commitment deposit beginning Spring 2011. There is no need to submit a written request for a waiver.

    On June 28, 2010, the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York approved the implementation of a non-refundable commitment deposit of $100 for undergraduate students. This commitment deposit will be applied toward tuition upon enrollment.

    Payment of the commitment deposit will allow you to register early for classes that fit your life schedule.

    The commitment deposit is due fifteen days after the date on your acceptance letter. You may pay this fee by cash, check, or money order to the Bursar.

    Students in the categories listed below will not have to pay the $100.00 Commitment Deposit.

    • Seek/College Discovery
    • ASAP
    • Veterans
    • Readmits
    • Students with Financial Aid Estimated Family Contributions (EFC) of 0-$3000
    • Non-Degree Students
     Commitment Deposit Waiver

    Deposit waivers based on financial hardship will be considered based on demonstrated financial need. Students in the categories listed above should not submit a written request for a waiver. It is not needed. The deposit will be waived automatically based on information on file.

    All other requests should be forwarded to LaVora Desvigne, Director of Admissions via e-mail only to waiver@lagcc.cuny.edu. Requests will be considered if students meet the following requirements:

    * Completed FAFSA on file or compelling reason for not filing
    * Missing Documents must have been submitted to Admissions Office and all stops have been removed.
    * Sat for ACT Assessment Tests or have posted exemptions


    1. Email with the subject entitled: Request for Commitment Deposit Waiver
    2. Statement must include student's full name, address, and the last 4 digits of his/her social security number or student identification number.
    3. Verify the email address.
    4. Students must submit written statement as to why deposit waiver is being requested. (statement limited to two paragraphs)
    5. A response will be communicated via e-mail within 2 business days of the request.

    Sample Letter:
    To: waiver@lagcc.cuny.edu
    From: username@live.lagcc.cuny.edu
    Subject: Request for Commitment Deposit Waiver

    Dear Ms. Desvigne,

    My name is: Sally Student
    Address: 123 Elm Street, New York, NY 11103
    Last 4 digits of SSN: 5083
    Email: username@live.lagcc.cuny.edu
    I have taken my placement tests, and have submitted all documents to complete my admissions file.
    I am requesting a waiver for the following reason(s):

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Sally Student


     Checkpoint Sessions

    During Checkpoint Sessions admissions staff will guide you through the enrollment steps from acceptance through enrollment, including confirmation & commitment deposit, CUNY Assessment/placement testing, financial aid application, academic advisement, course registration and the start of the upcoming semester.

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