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    For more information, please visit the Admissions site, call 718-482-5000, email Admissions@lagcc.cuny.edu or visit C102.


    How do I apply for admission? 
    You can apply for admissions to LaGuardia through CUNY's online Application. 
    For more information on admissions to LaGuardia, visit the Admissions site.
    Is there on-campus or late admissions? 
    Yes. You can make an appointment now to apply through Direct Admission. 
    Appointments are available during December 2013.

    How do I know the status of my admissions? 
    LaGuardia will send an e-Acceptance email to the email listed on your CUNY application.  
    Call 718-482-5000 or email Admissions@lagcc.cuny.edu or visit C102.

    I have been accepted, now what?
    Please log on to your LaGuardia VIP for information & directions.
    The Enrollment Guide takes you through the steps from admitted to attending classes!




    For general information, please visit the Testing's site, call 718-482-5000, email InfoNow@lagcc.cuny.edu or visit Welcome Center, M-Lobby.


    How do I know if I need to take the placement test? 
    A letter will be mailed to your home within 2 weeks of your Acceptance to LaGuardia if you do not meet the requirements for exemption from the placement test. Check your LaGuardia VIP for information about exemptions & links to prepare for the exams.  You can also email Testing@lagcc.cuny.edu or call 718-482-5146.

    I need to reschedule my appointment. 
    Students can only reschedule ONE TIME if they are unable to take the placement test on the day provided. Reschedule through your VIP page, call 718-482-5000, email InfoNow@lagcc.cuny.edu or visit Welcome Center, M-Lobby.

    When do I get my placement results? 
    Results will be posted in the “Your Library” under the "Student Information Document" section of your LaGuardia VIP within 3 weeks. 

     Advisement & Registration

    New Student Advisement & Registration (NSAR) – students are given an appointment based on their admission date. Appointments will start in December. For more information, please call 718-482-5000, email InfoNow@lagcc.cuny.edu, visit the Welcome Center, M-Lobby.


    How can I speak with an advisor? 
    You will meet with an advisor at your scheduled New Student Advisement & Registration Session.
    Notice is sent by email and posted on your LaGuardia VIP.

    Can I schedule an appointment now? 
    NSAR appointments are given as soon as a student is eligible – based on admission date and completion of pre-registration requirements.
    Call 718-482-5000 or email InfoNow@lagcc.cuny.edu if you have not received an appointment within 4 weeks of placement tests.

    I need help using the CUNYfirst system. 
    At NSAR you will meet with and advisor and then go to the Registration Lab.
    Call 718-482-5000 or email InfoNow@lagcc.cuny.edu if you have questions.

    When can I change my class schedule? 
    You can change your schedule anytime through CUNYfirst.
    Last day to add or switch for Spring I is March 6.  Change fees charged March 1 through 6.

    How do I drop or withdraw from a class? 
    Use CUNYfirst to drop or withdraw.  Drops done by March 17 removes the class from your schedule.
    Drops done March 18 through May 2 are considered “withdrawals” and the course stays on your schedule with a W grade.

    How do I know where do I go for advisement? 
    All students are sent an email explaining when and where to go to advisement.
    Information is also posted on new students’ LaGuardia VIP or continuing students’ My LaGuardia.




     Financial Aid

    Apply by December 15, verify information as requested. Apply in Resource Center, C109; Verification documents go to C107.  For more information,  please email StudentFinancialServices@lagcc.cuny.edu.


    How do I apply for financial aid? 
    US citizens and permanent residents apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov or in-person at C109.
    If coming to C109, bring valid photo ID and income documents for year 2012.

    What aid is available to international students? 
    International students are encouraged to apply for scholarships.
    You can apply for a Foundation scholarship online. www.laguardia.edu/scholarships.

    How do I know the status of my aid? 
    Log into your FAFSA and check the comments section.
    www.fafsa.ed.gov and/or CUNYfirst

    Why do I have to submit documents? 
    If your application was selected for verification, you must bring in documents to Student Financial Services. 
    Financial Aid must compare information from your FAFSA with information on your verification worksheet. 
    How long before I get my award? 
    It varies on your acceptance and your financial aid application processed date.
    A copy of the award email will be posted in the Library section of your VIP.

    How do I get money for books? 
    If eligible, your financial aid application must be processed by the deadline date and your awards must be more than tuition and fees charges.
    Details are posted at Book Advance Program 

    When do I get my refund? 
    If eligible, refunds are disbursed after your tuition bill is paid in full.
    Check Disbursement Dates 

    I have a special situation, what do I do? 
    Meet with a Student Financial Services Specialist in C107.
    Please bring valid photo ID and documents supporting or explaining your situation.
    How do I apply for scholarships? 
    You can apply for a Foundation scholarship online.
    All LaGuardia students are eligible to apply for scholarships.





    For more information, please visit the Bursar's site, call 718-482-7226, email Bursar@lagcc.cuny.edu, or visit room C110.


    How do see my bill and due date? 
    CUNYfirst will display your tuition bill and due date. This can take up to 24 hours.  
    Go to your Student Center and select Account Inquiry.

    How do I get a copy of my bill? 
    You can print your bill from CUNYfirst or visit the Bursar Office.
    Please note – bills are not mailed to students.

    How does financial aid pay my bill? 
    The College will automatically use financial aid that you have been awarded for the semester.
    You can view this in CUNYfirst as “Pending Financial Aid.”

    Where do I pay my bill? 
    You can pay your bill online in CUNYfirst with credit or debit card or eCHECK, or in-person at the Bursar Office, C110 with cash, checks and/or money orders.
    You can also join the Monthly Payment Plan (interest free). For assistance, please visit the Bursar Service Center, C111.

    I have a special situation regarding my tuition. 
    Please visit the Bursar Office, C110, with the documentation about your arrangements, letter from your sponsor, etc.
    Please take care of special arrangements as early as possible to avoid long lines and allow time for processing.
    Why do I have to file a Certificate of Residency? 
    If you live in NY state but outside of NYC, a certificate of residency is required for you to qualify for Resident-rate (lower) tuition.
    Please bring your certificate to the Bursar Office, C110.  Your student record will be updated in 2 to 3 business days – and your bill will be recalculated.

    What if I can’t pay my bill by the deadline? 
    We recommend students join the Monthly Payment Plan to spread out their tuition bill.
    The Bursar's Self-Service Center, C111, is available during office hours to assist with this process.

    I have a hold for an outstanding prior balance. 
    Please visit the Bursar Office, C110, to settle your outstanding balance and clear your hold.
    Holds will be released 2 to 3 business days after the prior balance is cleared if paid via web.




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