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    What are the Peer Programs?

    LaGuardia’s peer programs can help you adjust to college life, teach you about opportunities, and motivate you to seek resources that can contribute to your success. The Peer Programs focus on four areas: mentoring, tutoring, health education, and academic support and leadership. They are an essential part of the culture of caring at LaGuardia.

    Why should I talk to a Peer?

    Peers are like you! They are LaGuardia students who know the campus, the professors, and the classes. They can relate to your experience and help guide you toward achieving your goals. Peers are always in the know about services and resources, and can assist you in times of need.

    What do the Peer Programs provide?

    Each of the three Peer Programs concentrates on a specific area of your Personal Wellness:

    • Peer Mentors work with you to create an open and safe environment as you adjust to life at the college. They can provide tips on academic and social life on campus, as well as personal support.
    • Peer Tutors offer one-on-one and group assistance with your academic and study skills needs.
    • Peer Health Educators can help you make healthy choices by providing you with information about important issues related to your health and wellness.

    How Can I Become a Peer?

    • Application coming soon.

    How Can I Find a Peer?

    For more information, please contact the Office of Student Services at 718-482-5143. 

  •  Peer Leaders

    The Peers Leaders Initiative

    Peer Leaders are students who re selected by one or more faculty members to assist the first year students with becoming more acclimated to LaGuardia Community College. He/She will serve as an academic mentor for assigned subject matters, assist the faculty with his/her instruction within and outside of the course review sessions and they will also assist students with the organization of peer study groups.

    For more information contact:

    Renée Butler
    Assistant Dean
    Student Development

    Room C-317


    Dr. Eduardo Vianna
    Assistant Professor,
    Social Science Department

    Room C-459HH

     Peer Mentors

    The Peer Mentors Initiative

    Peer Mentors endeavor to help students acclimate to college life, teach students about Institutional opportunities and motivate them to seek conventional and supplemental methods towards Student Success.

    The role of a Peer Mentor is to serve as a link between students and the college to assist in the transition in the college experience. The goals of the Peer Mentor program include:

    • Assist students in learning about the academic and social aspects of life at LaGuardia Community College.
    • Serve as role models to their peers and make them feel more comfortable in their role as college students.
    • Peer Mentors have many responsibilities. Peer Mentors are expected to have the interpersonal skills necessary for dealing with new students, both individually and in groups. They must be friendly, outgoing and articulate. While potentially being a friend and mentor to new students, the Peer Mentors will also communicate and uphold college policies, and any necessary rules or guidelines.

    For more information contact:

    Regina Varin-Mignano

    Room M-102M
    (718) 482-5253

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