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    At LaGuardia Community College, your well-being is important to us. Personal wellness is a balance of your physical, emotional, social, academic, environmental and spiritual lives. All of these work together to help you achieve success as a student. the following resources will help you develop your personal wellness.

    Physical Wellness is the achievement of personal fitness and health goals. As a student, you have access to education on drugs and alcohol, nutrition, sleeping behaviors, and disabilities. You can maintain your well-being with the following on campus resources:

    • Health Services Center
    • Office of Campus Life
    • Office for Students with Disabilities
    • Program for Deaf Adults
    • Recreation and Aquatic Fitness Center

    Emotional Wellness means practicing self-care and having a positive attitude, high self-esteem, and a strong self-image. Emotional wellness is achieved by understanding your behaviors and recognizing  challenges as opportunities for growth. LaGuardia offers many resources to support your emotional wellness, including:

    • Office for Students with Disabilities
    • Office of Student Guidance
    • Women’s Center
    • Office of Campus Life
    • Counseling Center

    Social Wellness is the ability to develop healthy relationships, interact with others effectively, adapt to social situations, and face challenges in your educational and external environments. Many factors outside of school can have an impact on your learning, such as family pressure, financial need, and your career. LaGuardia offers resources for support in the following areas:

    • Single Stop
    • College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment (COPE)
    • Office of Student Services
    • Office of Campus Life
    • Office of Student Guidance
    • Career Services.

    Academic Wellness means engaging in creative and stimulating mental activities to support your academic growth. You can seek academic help, expand your knowledge and improve your skills in various areas of study and increase your potential using LaGuardia’s tutoring services, study workshops and advisement.

    Spiritual Wellness means developing a sense of purpose and meaning to life. LaGuardia has a multi-faith campus ministry to assist you with your spiritual exploration and needs.

    For more information on personal wellness services at LaGuardia Community College, please contact the Center for Student Success at (718) 482-5245. 

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