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    Preventing Suicide

    Your ability to recognize the signs of emotional distress in a friend or loved one is often noted as the most significant factor in preventing suicide attempts. We invite you to call us if you are troubled by a friend or loved one’s behavior, or if you feel you are in need of help.

    How will I know if my friend is at risk for suicide?

    People who feel suicidal usually communicate this to others through words or actions. They may talk about their intention to die; they may threaten to commit suicide; they may make an attempt to kill themselves. Whether or not the reasons they give for their words and actions make sense to you, do not dismiss such indications lightly.

    You can help save a life by recognizing these signs:

    Verbal statements like: 

    • I feel like killing myself
    • I don’t know how much longer
    • I can take this
    • I’ve been saving up my pills in case things get really bad Lately
    • I’ve been driving my car like
    • I really don’t care what happens
    • I can’t go on Nothing matters any more
    • I’m thinking of ending it all.


    • Making slight cuts to the wrist
    • Behaving out of character
    • Writing stories/articles/letters/e-mails focused on their own death
    • Getting affairs in order and giving away valued possessions

    Take all statements and actions seriously. These indications are cause for concern under any circumstances, and especially so if they happen close to a significant change or loss in someone’s life (e.g. death of a loved one, relationship breakup, failing academic performance, impending exams/exam results, problems at work, impending legal action).

    If you observe any of the above signs of distress and are concerned, please contact the following offices for immediate consultation and assistance:

    Department   Extension   Location  
    Center for Student Success 5145 C249
    Student Health Services 5280  MB40
    Public Safety (contact 911 first if immediate) 5555 E101

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