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    Colleges and universities around the country have been concerned about suicides, campus shootings, and students who exhibit inappropriate or unusual behaviors that might present a danger or threat to them or their campus communities. Across CUNY, we share this concern and many of our campuses have established Student Behavioral Intervention Teams (SBITs) to address this concern.

    Behavioral Intervention Teams (BIT)

    The purpose of Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs) is to formalize a method for each CUNY campus to (1) foster a culture of Caring for students whose behavior might present a risk or threat to themselves or the campus community; (2) facilitate the early recognition of inappropriate or unusual student behavior or patterns of behavior; (3) coordinate campus support and assistance to address inappropriate or unusual behavior.

    Role of BITs

    BIT teams are charged to:

    • Provide consultation and support to faculty, staff, administration and students in assisting individuals who display behaviors of concern;
    • Serve as the central point of contact for concerned individuals reporting aberrant student behavior;
    • Identify patterns of aberrant behaviors that might suggest the need for an intervention;
    • Follow a formalized protocol for communication, coordination and intervention;
    • Recommend appropriate intervention strategies or disciplinary sanctions;
    • Connect individuals with needed campus and community resources;
    • Monitor ongoing behavior of individuals who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior that might present a risk or threat to themselves or the campus community; and
    • Educate the campus community about behaviors of concern.


     Student Behavioral Intervention Team Contact


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