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  • The Women’s Center 

    Providing comprehensive resources and support for LaGuardia women since 1996.

    What is the Women’s Center?

    We provide supportive and educational services promoting the growth and development of LaGuardia women. Using a Holistic Personal Wellness Model we implement programming taking into account some of the most important aspects of a student’s life:

    • The Physical
    • Social/Environmental
    • Intellectual & Academic
    • Emotional & Spiritual 

    In addition to Personal Wellness, which includes themed group and individual sessions, the Women’s Center facilitates provide:

    • Cultural Presentations
    • Lectures
    • Workshops
    • Wellness Screenings 
    • Support Services

    What kinds of support services are available?

    Referrals for personal guidance on a range of issues including:

    • Scholarship Information
    • Tutoring
    • Legal Assistance
    • Health Services
    • Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence

    What types of activities are sponsored by the Women’s Center?

    During the academic year, the Women’s Center sponsors a number of events. Included among them are feature films and documentaries.

    • Gentle yoga & guided meditation
    • Memoir Writing Workshops
    • Business & Dining Etiquette Workshops
    • Anxiety & Depression Screenings
    • Women of LaGuardia Art Show
    • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    • Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness Months
    • Women’s History Month


    Women’s Center Events – Spring 2014 (Click Here)

    What about men? Can male students become involved in the Women’s Center?

    We encourage all students to become involved and participate in Women’s Center activities. The Women’s Center is committed to serving all students without regard to gender, race, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

    Visit the Women's Center

    If you need information about personal wellness, support services or events, visit the Women's Center located in room MB10 or call (718) 482-5188.

    For more information please contact:

    Professor Vanessa Bing, PhD
    Faculty Mentor

    Room C459II
    (718) 482-5787
    Joanna De Leon, MS Ed
    Student Development Associate

    Room MB10C
    (718) 482-5102


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