The F.H. LaGuardia Community College Alumni Association has been a vital part of the College since November 1977. It is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and cultivate quality education, social activity, and good fellowship among the graduates of LaGuardia Community College, and to assist and promote the interests of the College. The Associations support comes solely through membership dues and donations.

The Alumni Association is a diverse group of LaGuardia Community College graduates. Among them are Accountants, Caseworkers, Police Officers, Investment Managers, Paramedics, Occupational/Physical Therapy Assistants, Programmer/Analysts, and Teachers as well as a Lawyer, and Minister, to name a few. Our goal is to provide lifelong learning and a variety of social activities for these alumni. Governed by an elected volunteer alumni executive board, the association is a growing organization of active men and women who continue to value the multifaceted experience of a LaGuardia Community College education.

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Membership is open to students who have completed 12 credits toward the Associate Degree or have completed the academic requirements for the Associate degree of the College.