eCareer Plan & eCareer Central work hand in hand

There are thousands of career options out there. How do you make a career choice when you are not sure what you want to do?

LaGuardia's eCareer offers you two great tools to help you find your way. You can build your own, personalized career path through eCareer Plan. At eCareer Central you will find valuable career websites, counselors and services.

eCareer Plan & eCareer Central

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What is the eCareer Plan?

Creating your eCareer Plan will help you learn about yourself, occupations, and how to make wise career decisions.

Each eCareer Plan section you complete in this web-based application will bring you closer to completing your personalized Career Plan.

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What is eCareer Central?

eCareer Central is the website where you will get answers to your career questions.

       What major is right for me?
       How do I prepare for my career?
       Where do I get a job?

At eCareer Central you will find information in student videos, links, News and Announcements, and the Career Spotlight.

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