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    Info to know while taking developmental courses. 

    Federal Aid & Special Value Courses: 

    To be eligible to receive Title IV, you must, according to Federal guidelines, be "making significant progress toward your degree," meaning that you must be earning credits at a sufficient rate. The federal guidelines for achieving full-time status in a semester do allow you to include, along with credits, the tuition units of the "special value" courses, but there is a limit: after you have registered (and received Title IV money) for 30 or more "special value" tuition units, Title IV programs will not pay for any additional "special value" courses.

    For example, if you register for Basic Writing 099 and Math 095, those two courses count for a total of 10.0 "special value" tuition units. If those units are used in calculating your Title IV award for the semester, you will have 20.0 "special value" tuition units remaining in your account.

    If, however, you register for other, "non-special value" courses that make you full-time without using the "special value" tuition units, you would still have 30 "special value" tuition units in your account.

    Once you have used up your 30 "special value" tuition units, you can only receive Title IV money for "non-special value" courses. Any future awards will be based on the credit values of regular courses only. It is therefore to your advantage to try to take "special value" courses along with regular courses, if you have met the prerequisites.

    Note: Although ESL courses are listed as "special value" courses, they do not count toward the Title IV maximum.

    Academic Requirements for State Aid (TAP):

    In order to be eligible for TAP, the following major requirements must be met:

    » Students must be registered as full-time. Students should check each semester at registration to be sure they are registering for a full-time program. A major must be declared the first semester when the student registers.

    » Students must be making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree. In each semester that they wish to receive an award, they must successfully pass a specified number of credits and achieve a grade point average at a specified minimum level (see chart below).

    » Students must pursue their courses at a specified level of completion. Completion means receiving any LaGuardia grade except WA, W or WU (grades of R and F are acceptable). Prior term (see chart below).

    In addition to the academic requirements described, students must also meet certain residency requirements, citizenship requirements, and financial program criteria. For a full explanation of these regulations, students should contact the Financial Aid Office. 


      First Payment Prior to 2007-08 through & including 2009-10 and Remedial Students first payment in 2007-08 and thereafter First Payment in 2010-11 and thereafter for Non-Remedial Students
    Payment # Equated Credits completed in prior term (sessions I & II) Cumulative Credits Earned Cumulative GPA Cumulative Credits Earned Cumulative GPA
    1 0 0 0 0 0
    2 6 3 0.50 6 1.3
    3 6 9 0.75 15 1.5
    4 9 18 1.3 27 1.8
    5 9 30 2.0 39 2.0
    6 12 45 2.0 51 2.0
    7 12 60 2.0 60 2.0
    8 12 75 2.0 75 2.0

    The Academic Performance chart above illustrates the requirements. If you fail to meet these requirements, you become ineligible for your next scheduled TAP payment. 

    If you received TAP awards at another school prior to attending LaGuardia, you must meet the academic performance for your TAP payments based on the number of transfer credits you received. 

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