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    In order to remain eligible for federal and NY State financial aid, you must earn it by making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards the completion of your degree. SAP is measured by the number and the type of classes you take as well as your grade point average. SAP varies with each financial aid program that you may be receiving.

    Academic Requirements for Federal Aid

    Federal regulations stipulate that a student at LaGuardia Community College may remain eligible to receive Federal Aid (Title IV) assistance upon achieving at least a "C" average, or its equivalent according to the College’s retention policy, and accumulating credits towards the degree according to the following standards:

    • A student's earned credits are equal to or greater than two-thirds of the credits the student has attempted at the institution;
    • The credits a student has attempted are not more than 150% of the credits normally required for completion of the degree.

    If the above standards are not met, eligibility may be retained by meeting the following conditional standard: the credits the student has earned are equal to or greater than .875 of the total amount of credits attempted minus 21.

    Students who fail to meet the conditional status will lose Title IV eligibility. They may file a Financial Aid Waiver Appeal through the Academic Standing Committee. The decision of the committee is final.

    Special Value Courses: To be eligible to receive Title IV, you must, according to Federal guidelines, be "making significant progress toward your degree," meaning that you must be earning credits at a sufficient rate. The federal guidelines for achieving full-time status in a semester do allow you to include, along with credits, the tuition units of the "special value" courses, but there is a limit: after you have registered (and received Title IV money) for thirty or more "special value" tuition units, Title IV programs will not pay for any additional "special value" courses. For example, if you register for Basic Writing 099 and Math 095, those two courses count for a total of 10.0 "special value" tuition units. If those units are used in calculating your Title IV award for the semester, you will have 20.0 "special value" tuition units remaining in your account.

    If, however, you register for other, "non-special value" courses, which make you full-time without using the "special value" tuition units, you would still have 30 "special value" tuition units in your account.

    Once you have used up your 30 "special value" tuition units, you can only receive Title IV money for "non-special value" courses. Any future awards will be based on the credit values of regular courses only. It is therefore to your advantage to try to take "special value" courses along with regular courses, if you have met the prerequisites.

    Note: Although ESL courses are listed as "special value" courses and do not count toward the Title IV maximum.

    Probation: Satisfactory academic progress is monitored each term. Students who do NOT meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards are NOT eligible for aid. Students can file an appeal. Appeals are reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee, and the decision is final. If the appeal is granted, the student will be eligible for aid.

    Additional Regulations: For Federal Pell awards, students under 24 years old as of January 1st must prove their independence if they claim to be independent of their parents. They must also have unusual circumstances, which must be documented.

    Students are reminded that attendance is a requirement for receiving financial aid. Failure to attend classes could result in a reduction or loss of financial aid. If students charge tuition and/or books and attend classes, they are still liable for the costs and will be billed accordingly.

    Permanent residents who have not had their status confirmed by INS/DOH must also submit a copy of their permanent resident card. Students who have an I-94, with the following endorsements, are no longer eligible for Title IV Aid:

    a) Adjusted Applicant,
    b) 245 c) 245 Applicant,
    d) Applicant for Permanent Residence,
    e) Voluntary Departure, and
    f) Deferred Action.


    For more information on Federal aid, visit: 

    Financial Aid Policies 

    Academic Requirements for State Aid

    In order to be eligible for TAP, the following major requirements must be met:

    • Students must be registered as full-time. Students should check each semester at registration to be sure they are registering for a full-time program. A major must be declared the first semester when the student registers.
    • Students must be making satisfactory academic progress toward their degree. In each semester that they wish to receive an award, they mustsuccessfully pass a specified number of credits and achieve a grade point average at a specified minimum level (see chart below).
    • Students must pursue their courses at a specified level of completion. Completion means receiving any LaGuardia grade except WA, W or WU (grades of R and F are acceptable). Prior term (see chart below).

    In addition to the academic requirements described, students must also meet certain residency requirements, citizenship requirements, and financial program criteria. For a full explanation of these regulations, students should contact the Financial Aid Office.


      First Payment in 2007-08 through & including 2009-10 and for students who meet the definition of "Remedial Student" in 2010-11 and thereafter First Payment in 2010-11 and thereafter for Non-Remedial Students
    Payment # Equated Credits completed in prior term (sessions I & II) Cumulative Credits Earned Cumulative GPA Cumulative Credits Earned Cumulative GPA
    1 0 0 0 0 0
    2 6 3 0.50 6 1.3
    3 6 9 0.75 15 1.5
    4 9 18 1.3 27 1.8
    5 9 30 2.0 39 2.0
    6 12 45 2.0 51 2.0
    7 12 60 2.0 60 2.0
    8 12 75 2.0 75 2.0

    The Academic Performance chart above illustrates the requirements. If you fail to meet these requirements, you become ineligible for your next scheduled TAP payment.
    If you received TAP awards at another school prior to attending LaGuardia, you must meet the academic performance for your TAP payments based on the number of transfer credits you received.

    Requirements for Part-Time TAP Eligibility:

    1. Student must have started college in Fall 2006 or thereafter.
    2. Student must have earned 12 credits or more in each of two consecutive semesters.
    3. Student must have a GPA of 2.0 or above.
    4. Courses must count toward the student’s major.
    5. Student must be enrolled for less than 12 credits (6cr or less than 12cr).

    For more information on State Aid, visit:

    Financial Aid Policies 


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