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  • Communicate with the Students You Want to Reach

    Do you have a message just for English majors? How about reminding students with less than 30 credits that they need to be advised before they register? Save time, resources and energy by communicating directly with specific segments of our current students by email and on My LaGuardia, the “one-stop-shop” online tool just for students, both powered by Hobsons Retain.

    This section of our website is designed to tell you all you need to know about Hobsons Retain and the process you need to follow in order to send targeted communications only to those students you want to reach.

  • Processes for Email & My LaGuardia Page Content

  •  1) What is Hobsons Retain?
    1. Hobsons Retain is the College’s application for communicating with Current Students.
      • Emails
      • My LaGuardia (Student Portal)

    2. The College has already begun using Hobsons Retain for email communications to students.  Advantages include:
      • Selection of targeted email lists using CUNYfirst data so not all students have to receive all emails, e.g., an email targeted to nursing majors can be sent to nursing majors only. 
      • Better analytics, e.g., open rate, specifically who opened the email, etc. 
      • Personalization, i.e., student’s first name can be used in initial greeting, the from of the email can be any email address designated.
      • Consistent branding and format.
      • Text and HTML versions generated.

    3. Benefits and features include:

      • Logging into My LaGuardia allows for single sign on to other LaGuardia applications, e.g, ePortfolio, eCareer, The College's Wi-Fi system and The Library research database.
      • The Portal’s wallet feature will allow for an additional sign on to CUNY applications, e.g., CUNY Portal, CUNYfirst, Degree Audit and Blackboard.
      • Critical message area at top of page that allows for personalized messages to students including alerts for service indicators, important messages from departments, i.e., balance owed from the Bursar’s office, etc.
      • Access to brief synopsis of academic information including GPA and credits earned.
      • Identification of student’s major and links to access information about major.
      • Icons for other applications include unopened emails warning.
      • Polls allow for quick canvassing of student opinions.
      • Key and/or helpful videos, i.e., financial aid video, etc., will be embedded.
     2) Who can request My LaGuardia Content & Email Communications?

    In order to maintain our communications with current students, a representative from each department will be responsible for that department’s My LaGuardia & Email communications content by means of an online work request ticketing system that assigns tasks to the appropriate Divisional Liaison. Requestors can be:


    • The College’s faculty and staff following the process detailed in question number three.
    • Students under extenuating circumstances with faulty and/or staff supervision following the process detailed in question number three.

     3) What types of messages can be requested?

    One of the primary overarching communications objectives of the College is to streamline student communications and in support of that objective, to use online communications to target specific student groups rather than inundate all students with all messages. 


    Access Records
    Advisement Schedule - General
    Application News
    College-wide Events
    CUNYfirst Alerts
    ePortfolio Updates
    Financial Aid
    Free Online Tutoring
    Get Help
    LIVE@LaGuardia Updates
    Peer Programs
    Program Offers to All Students, i.e., Single
    Stop Tax Return Services, etc.
    Registration – General Information
    Student Advisement Degree Audit
    Student Elections
    Student Life


    Appeals Committee
    Acceptance Letters
    Admissions Information
    Advisement Appointment Times
    Alumni Association
    Assistance & Help
    Campus Tours
    Direct Admissions Information
    Evaluation – Intent to Graduate
    Events & Activities
    Family Days
    Financial Aid Issues
    Free Online Tutoring
    Honors Programs
    Immigration Status
    International Students
    New Student Advisement and Registration
    New Student Orientation VIP Messages
    Non-Degree Applicants
    Placement Exam Appointments
    Prospective Students
    Registration Appointments
    Residency Information
    Special Programs, i.e. College Discovery
    Student Activities/Clubs
    Student Government Candidate Orientation
    Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Eligibility
    Tuition Bill Issues
    Tutoring Programs

     4) What is the process?

    The process for using Hobsons Retain incorporates a system of check points to ensure that we streamline communications as we also establish a priority for messaging based on College-wide, divisional and departmental objectives. User groups make up the request process as follows:


    • Departmental Liaison - creates content

    • Communication Liaison - a departmental coordinator who gathers content from various program areas. Communication Liaisons create, edit, decline and approve all content submitted by the Departmental Liaison.

    • Divisional Liaison – edits, declines and approves all content submitted by the Departmental & Communication Liaisons. This group can change preferences and permissions on behalf of other members within the same division.

    • Communications Manager – edits, declines and publishes all requests

    • Communications Senior Manager – edits, declines and publishes all requests and can change preferences and permissions on behalf of other managers.

    • Hobsons Administrators – processes and completes all requests

    • Hobsons Manager – maintains membership and permissions for all users and groups
    Hobsons Process